Timelapse Google Earth

See your own town or city over a 25 year period.  Since the mid 80s satellites have been taking images of the entire planet and storing them on a huge database.  These images have now been released and you can now see a timelapse google earth slideshow of virtually any place on the planet.  When you visit this website you can start off with a preloaded slideshow such as Las Vegas, The Amazon Rain Forrest or the Columbia Glacia.  Once you are done with that, why not pick your home town? see how it has evolved since 1985.  This cool website will keep you occupied for hours on end if you love geography or geology, or even if you are a closet geek that loves this type of thing.

So sit back, get the snacks in and take a virtual tour of the world from the comfort of your own home or office.

timelapse google earth

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