Make Your Own Powerpuff Girls

make your own powerpuff girls

If you love the powerpuff girls then you will love this website. Powerpuff yourself lets you make your very own character from the comfort of your own computer or phone. Change every part imaginable to come up with your own unique look.  Play around with the eyes, hair, tongue, in fact everything you can think of. You can even choose your favourite accessory to accompany your look. We particularly liked the cute dog.

Starting in the early 1990s the Powerpuff girls quickly became a cult animated series that focused on the key characters.  Blossom, bubbles and buttercup, all of these were based in kindergarten and were always called upon to kick ass on al of the local baddies in town. As this series is coming up to 30 years old, it is not beyond the realms that people in their 40s could be curing their own boredom by coming up with a creation of their own. Just make sure you don’t get caught by your kids. 

This is great fun for all and will give you at least some respite if you’re stuck in the house with nothing to do. Have fun.

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