Centennial Bulb Live Cam

Located in an active fire station in Livermore, California, this weird website live streams a light bulb. On first impressions this is a useless website from a standard building in the US. However, we’re pleased to report that you couldn’t be more wrong. (Well we seem to think so anyway)

The Centennial bulb has been shining above people’s heads for over 120 years. This equates to more than a million hours of continuous light. It was first popped into its housing in 1901 and was hand blown with a carbon filament.  This was quite usual for the time, which makes it even more unique. This bulb has been passed through several owners and buildings. But it now resides at its permanent home keep an eye on the brave fireman below. 

The bulb was originally designed to light up to 60 watts. But as time has gone by, she now burns at a less humble 4 watts. This could quite possible be the longest lasting lightbulb in existence. The fore department plan to keep it running for as long as possible. However, it isn’t know what will happen to the bulb when she finally blows.

The Centennial bulb website is more than just a live cam. If you’re really bored you can scour through it looking at the proof behind the claims, articles, Galleries and celebrations.  We bet your dying to pay it a visit, so just click on the link below

Centennial bulb

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