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Here at we have dedicated this website to the bored people of this world. We want to shout this out from the rooftops…”Enough is enough, stand up with your heads held high, no more are we going to let you take this helpless feeling of boredom anymore. We stand with you shoulder to shoulder.” That is why we have searched high and low from every corner of the world wide web just so that we could create a place of wonderous sanctuary. A place where you can forget about life’s little ups and downs. 

Have you got to that part of the day again where you have nothing to do? No one to speak to and no places to go? Is that boring boredom feeling beginning to get you down? Well my friend you need something to do online. Depending on the sort of person you are maybe you just need some Weird Things to do online. Well, sit down relax and click your pointer on this.

This is hands down probably one of the weirdest websites I think I have ever had the pleasure to come across. The first thing you are greeted with is a black screen with some writing in the middle that says “Please move your pointer.” The first thing that goes through your mind is. “Are you talking to me?” then the next thought will be “well there’s no one else here.” You spend a few more seconds just looking at this black screen before it actually dawns on you that it’s asking you to do something. Yes, move your pointer!

Finally, you move it, then you notice something starts to happen. A picture appears of someone pointing their finger. Now, this is the amazing part, they are pointing their finger at your pointer. So you try and catch them out by moving it somewhere on the screen just to see if they can find it. Another image comes up of another complete and utter stranger. They too are pointing at it even though now it’s in a different position.

WOW. Wherever you move it to someone on there will find it.  After spending a fair amount of time doing this eventually you leave the site all happy with yourself. Your boredom being completely eradicated. All from watching another amazingly pointless site!

Pointer Pointer

More Things To Do Online

Here at we have made it our mission in life to scientifically cure you of your boredom. For within reason we don’t really care what it takes. So look no further. 

Just click on Hit Me A Random Website and see our vast quantity of weird, funny, pointless, strange and wonderful, never seen before array of original websites. And be prepared to be amazed, confused and highly amused

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