Having A Boring Day? Love Geography? Then Play Geo Guessr

If you are sat in the home or office wishing the day away, and wishing even more that you were the other side of  the world, then this is the coolest website you will ever come across. Geo Guessr is a web-based discovery and geography game that uses completely random Google Street View locations. And here is the fun bit, Once you see each image, you get to pick a point anywhere around the globe where you think this image comes from.  Geo Guessr will then tell you to the Kilometre how close you were.  The aim of the game is to get through with the least possible distance accumulated.    There are load of different versions of this game to waste time on, and if you sign up to the site you are also able to play this game in your own country or city. This will really test how well you know the area you live in.  There are also a vast array of other tests and tasks to get through,. How well do you remember the places and streets you visited when you were on holiday somewhere? and do you remember where you grew up?  The options are endless.

So stop saying i’m bored and take to the bustling streets of London and the desserts of the Sahara by playing this amazing game  

Let us know in the comments section which is your best part of the game.

Guess the location game

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This post is part of the games for bored people category.  Here you will find all of the unusual and weird games that have been tucked away in the 4 corners of the internet waiting for you to discover.  So get the supplies in, lock the door and close the curtains.  There will be no more google i’m bored searches today.

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