Turned Yellow. Turn You Family Members In Simpsons Characters

Well, since you are here reading this, there can only really be a couple of possible reasons why, either you landed on here by mistake (but there’s not much chance of that) or you are simply bored numbless, and really can’t find anything else to do. Whichever the reason, trust me you won’t be disappointed but will be confused, especially when you eventually click on https://turnedyellow.com/

Not only will you be in complete and utter disbelief as to why anyone in their wildest dreams would have created this site, but you will feel like you have landed in some sort of episode of The Simpsons. What you are first greeted by are 3 easy steps how to upload a picture of yourself and have somebody draw you with yellow skin. Then as you scroll through the site you can see quite a few samples of different people that have been drawn, along with their yellow skin. But may I say that the actual drawings are really very good, and very professional. 

And any room in the house would probably look pretty amazing with a picture of you and the family looking all simpsony-fied

So if you want to see what you would look like in an episode of the Simpsons, look no further than this really cool but weird website 

Turned Yellow

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