Grandpa No Clothes - Have Some Childish Fun When You're Bored

This is quite possibly the strangest weirdest website we have ever had the privilege or should we say the misfortune to ever see. This beats any website that we have ever seen hands down flat for absolute pointlessness. 

When you click your mouse on you are greeted with a strange contorted drawing of a pink old man, wearing nothing but a pair of glasses with only one glass in it holding a walking stick. Oh, and he is also looking very angry. He has his other arm in the air and it looks like he is shaking his fist, with his mouth wide open. This figure or drawing of a grandpa with no clothes on is adorned by a black rectangular longish box that is covering his private parts. Not really knowing what you are doing you click on the black box to reveal these small private parts. 

What exactly is this website for? Or about? we keep asking ourselves. But so far we have come up with absolutely no answer. But on leaving this website you truly will be confused but certainly not bored anymore. With your head full of unanswered questions. Ones that will quite possibly never be answered…

Grandpa no clothes

More Useless Websites

The quirky team here at are always finding fun things to do online or better put something NEW to do online for any person that just needs to get away from reality for a bit. Because reality at that present time is far too boring. And your brain needs to be stimulated by something completely useless. 

Well, we have it all. Websites from the hilarious and interesting to the out and out strange, weird and twilight zone (ish). Come here feeling bored with nothing to do, and we promise you that you will leave utterly confused…but certainly not bored!

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