Rate My Poop

This site will go down in history. A site dedicated to doing what nobody else would… rating your poop.

If you were hoping to fine Rate-My-Poop.com, we have bad news for you. Sadly the website everyone had once loved if no longer online. It’s currently offline but there’s still hope!

Users of Reddit will still rate your logs! Head over to /r/ratemypoop to learn more!

The original Rate my poop was exactly what you were expecting. This weird website had 1000s of images of people’s feces and it was your job is to give the turd a score out of 10.

Now we do warn you in advance that if you do get sick easily then you should probably give this a miss, or maybe have a sick bag to hand just in case!

Upon landing on the site you were confronted a steaming hot turd. It was up to you then whether you vote out of 10 the quality of the poop, or you move onto the next by clicking the new poop button. 

There have been many rate my poop websites over the years, but it looks like this one has stood the test of time and has a number of loyal followers.  So I you’re bored at home and looking for something different to do, well here you go You can even go a stage further and submit your own creation.

rate my poop

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