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Here we have a website that some people will absolutely love and some people will really hate. It’s called twitch.tv

If you’re a gamer, you’re bored or if you’re stuck in your own game you are playing, maybe you can see if you can find on this site the game you’re playing and it might help you. Or perhaps you are just so mind numbingly bored and you love watching other people playing games. If so you will just love it.

With this site you have a very wide variety of different channels to watch. Each one consisting of fun online games being played. You also have these brilliant commentators. Commentating like it’s the world cup finals. Or a real world title heavy weight boxing championship. And these commentators seem to get more exited and emotional about what is going on than the actual players themselves.

There are actually some real gambling sites out there that bet on virtual on-line games like these. Especially on-line FIFA stile football or soccer matches. Now if you are not into gaming and you have a real boredom pang. You should head straight for this site. For the simple reason if you thought you were bored before you went on this site then trust me after you leave this site you will realise…You were never really that bored to start off with. And whatever you were doing beforehand, even if it was staring at a blank wall thinking of nothing, that will probably seem like absolute heaven

twitch TV

More Fun Games To Play 

With boredalot.com we really have gone all out on a limb to find the funniest the strangest the weirdest the most interesting along with the stupidest unbelievably most pointless websites ever made. 

And you know what…we have succeeded. Coming here and checking out our neverending growing selection you’ll see we have accomplished our goal. Which is making damn sure that no one ever needs to be bored again.

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