Hole-io Game - How big can you make your black hole?

This really is one of those bewildering websites that will leave you in complete and utter disbelief as to what exactly the website creator was thinking. More than that quite why was he feeling the need to create this? I am guessing he was obviously very bored. So what is this worldwide website of amazingness you are asking? Well have a butchers of this and click here: Hole-io.com

You will be taken to a small virtual town, where in the middle of the road you see a movable small black hole. You simply move it around the town letting things fall inside it, including even smaller holes. The more things that you can catch, the bigger your hole gets in turn meaning you can let bigger things drop inside. 

But there is a frightening nightmarish twist. You are also playing against other people who are moving their holes around, trying to catch things. They are even trying to catch your hole, and trust me some of them have massively big holes. The first thing that springs to mind is, whilst quietly sniggering to yourself, why on earth would these people be playing this? My God, they must have been really bored to be playing bored games online too.

Yes, they were, just like you. But all of you are not bored anymore..


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