Now You Can Stop Saying Im Bored With These Real Time World Stats And Facts

The geniuses over at Poodwaddle have come up with one of the most comprehensive live stats websites the internet has to offer. Did you know that every minute, 267 people will be born? and that 109 people will die?  Split into multiple sections, this amazing facts and figures site lets you see exactly what is happening, and what is changing around the world in real time.  The pop clock lets you see how the population around the world and in your country is growing. The health clock gives you real time information on what people are dying of. The Earth Clock shows you how much power each country is using, and how this is affecting the climate through deforestation and our carbon footprint.  And finally the civilization clock allows you to see information such as Debt, Crime, and more importantly, fun facts from around the world.  This cool bored website even allows you to drill down into live regional stats to see what is going on in your own hometown.

If you have got hours to spare and love facts and figures, then you will love this website.  Let us know in the comments section your favorite facts and what surprised you.

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This Im Bored website is part of the facts and figures category.  The home of amazing statistics sites such as the worlds biggest insects and the live twitter world map. There are 100s to choose from on your boring day and we guarantee that we will keep you occupied for as long as you need, whether that is in the home,or in the office. You can also view these links from any device on the go. So if you are sat waiting for someone or something. Then be bored no longer!



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