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Real Time Births & Deaths Simulator

The world is a big huge place right? In fact some 7 billion squeeze themselves onto this little lump of rock in the solar system. And it is getting a little bit tight in some places, So some boffin has come up with this real time birth & deaths simulator, and this boffin is Brad Lyon, now Brad is a very clever man, he has a doctoral degree in mathematics and is also a software developer.  So combining his two great skills, he wanted to make this website as visual and as accurate as possible. Based on real births and deaths data for each country, he will show you how the population is on pace to increase 44 percent by 2050. Or to you and me, just over 9 billion people.

So if you are really bored and you are looking for something really cool to stimulate your mind, check out this real time births and deaths simulator. 

Real Time Births & Deaths

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