Funny Star Wars Mash Up Video

With over 480 fan made sections, the Empire Strikes Back Uncut features a funny star wars mash up of styles and film making techniques. This includes, animation, live action and stop-motion. The project began in 2013, with fans owning 15 second scenes to mash up as they saw fit, resulting in funny and hilarious sequences created with everything from, action figures, to cardboard cut outs to amazing visual effects.

Created by Casey Pugh, who oversaw the 2010 Emmy-winning Star Wars Uncut, this new funny star wars mashup film has an amazing homemade charm. The film stands as an affectionate tribute to ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, and is a testament to the imagination, talent, and dedication of Star Wars fans around the world.

So get the popcorn at the ready check out the video below 

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