Category: dexterity Tests

shrinking russian dolls

Shrinking Russian Dolls

Cure Boredom Now By Shrinking Russian Dolls One Pixel At A Time Some genius of the internet has come up with a really cool website that takes the world famous shrinking Russian Dolls and reduce them in size a pixel at a time.  A completely pointless website, but it will definitely kill some time. These…
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cutting bread test

Cutting Bread Test

Think You Are Good With Your Hands? Then Try This Cutting Bread Test. If you like to do hand eye co-ordination tasks then you will love this cool website that tests your accuracy in a cutting bread test with a virtual knife . Choose the type of bread you want to cut, then get graded…
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learn to juggle

Learn To Juggle

Bored? Looking For Something To Do? Then Why Not Learn To Juggle Juggling is a talent and a skill that takes months and sometimes years to perfect. So why not cure your boredom by doing something useful and learn to juggle?  Our awesome sister site has everything that you need to become a perfect…
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type racer

Type Racer

Bored? Then Practice Your Typing Skills With Type Racer The award winning online typing competition/ Type Racer, allows people to race cars against each other by typing quotes from movies, books, and songs..  Practice, race your friends or join a random race, this cool website will cure your boredom and increase your words per minute…
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1 second clicks

1 Second Clicks

Cure Your Boredom Now With 1 Second Clicks How accurately can you make 1 second clicks for 10 whole seconds?  This awesome game puts your internal clock, dexterity skills and timing to the test. Let us know in the comments section how close your came. We were 87% accurate!    

don't click it

Don’t Click It

Can You Navigate A Whole Website Without Clicking Your Mouse? Try It At ‘Don’t Click It’  Don’t click it is an amazing website that lets users navigate around it by simply moving your mouse, mouse pad or mobile. If you click then you lose! Can you get through the whole site without messing up.  This is…
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qwop running game

QWOP Running Game

Bored? Want To Test Your Hand Eye Co-ordination? Then Check out the QWOP The QWOP running game is quite possibly the hardest game that has ever been invented. Test your knowledge of anatomy to make the athlete run. How to Play? Put your knowledge of the human body and physics to the test, as you…
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virtual hand clapping

Virtual Hand Clapping

Bored? Why Not Waste Endless Hours Virtual Hand Clapping Virtual hand clapping is harder than it looks.  Use your mouse or mobile device to clap two hands together time after time,  Why not waste time on this boredom busting website, whilst practising your dexterity skills?

eyeballing game

The Eyeballing Game

Test Your Hand Eye Co-Ordination With The Eyeballing Game The eyeballing game tests your geometry skills in 7 different areas over three cycles. It is hugely addictive and fun and will slay that boring day for hours. How good did you get? let us know in the comments box below.    

speed typing game

Speed Typing Game

Having a Boring Office Day? Do You Thing You’re A quick Typist ? Then Try This Speed Typing Game This speed typing game tests how good your skills are in a cool arcade website, Cure your boredom whilst increasing your world per minute speed via a series of challenges, games and tutorials to keep you…
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learn origami

Learn Origami

If Your Are Felling Bored And Want Something To Do. Learn Origami? Take some time out of your boring life and do something fun and productive. Now you can learn origami and be an expert in the Japaneses art of paper folding.  Choose from hundreds of designs with simple step by step instructions and become…
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Drawing logos from memory

Drawing Logos From Memory

Test Your Artistic Skills and Kill Your Boredom By Drawing Logos From Memory Bored? Feeling artistic? Then why not play this game where you try Drawing logos from memory and comparing them to the real thing?  With lots of different logos from different companies, you can test your drawing and memory skills both at the…
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paper plane making

Paper Plane Making

Having a boring day? When not try Paper Plane Making With a huge selection of paper aeroplane designs, this paper plane making website has a design for all types.  Aerobatic,distance, and time aloft. With easy to follow instructions from easy to expert. this cool site will test you hand eye coordination and manual dexterity for hours…
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toilet paper unrolling

Toilet Paper Unrolling

Toilet Paper Unrolling – Say Goodbye To Boring Days Feeling bored out of your mind? then this toilet paper unrolling website is for you.  Spend your time unrolling a full roll of toilet paper down to the card.  And when you are done, click anywhere on the screen and the toilet paper will fill back…
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nail polish dexterity

Nail Polish Dexterity

Nail Polish Dexterity – Cure Your Boredom Now This nail polish dexterity game will test your hand eye co-ordination whilst at the same time curing your boring day!  use your mouse or mouse pad to paint nails.  This is a perfect way to kill time without having to think.  

invisible cow

Hunt The Invisible Cow

Find the invisible cow If you are feeling bored then the invisible cow game is more than enough to occupy you. The closer you are to the cow, the louder and more high pitched the sound will get. Once you are hovering over the cow, your cursor will turn green. You can then click to…
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fidget spinner

Online Fidget Spinner

Online Fidget Spinner Were you part of the fidget spinner craze? Are you too bored and lazy to pick your own finger up? then this online fidget spinner is for you . Simply spin it with your mouse and you are away!  how fast can you go?  

worlds dumbest game

Worlds Dumbest Game

Worlds Dumbest Game This is the dumbest game in the world. Where all you have to do is hold a button down by a click of your mouse and see how long you can hold it down. It literally is that simple. As soon as you let go of the button your time is given…
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