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Earth Wind Map

Earth Wind Map

Check Out The Earth Wind Map. The Earth wind map is an interactive globe that is updated every few hours to show how the winds around the world work.  This cool website is a real and frighteningly accurate visualization of weather conditions around the world.  It is forecast by powerful and really clever supercomputers. Now …

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record paper plane

Fold A World Record Breaking Paper Plane

How to fold the world-record-setting paper airplane Imagine you’re bored in your home or office and you want to do something cool, fun and inspiring? Then why not fold the world record breaking paper aeroplane? In 2012 John M Collins set the world record using a design called Suzanne.  This youtube video will take you …

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puzzle prime

Puzzle Prime

Cure Your Boredom With Puzzle Prime Puzzle prime is guaranteed to get the grey matter working with a huge range of brain teasers, puzzles, games and all round general cool stuff.  An amazing website that is both fun and educational, that will keep your brain entertained as well as slaying your boring day!