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brain training games

Brain Training Games

Bored? Then Why Not Try Some Brain Training Games? Lumosity is a really cool website that provides brain training games and puzzles to keep your mind fresh and active. There is also a mindfulness section if you want to go a little but deeper.  Simply sign up and away you go. If you are sat…
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Einsteins Theory Of Relativity

Einsteins Theory Of Relativity

Feeling Bored? Want Something To Stimulate Your Mind? Then Check Out This Simplified Version Einsteins Theory Of Relativity Bored of looking at the same old rubbish on the net? then  get the grey matter working with this easy to understand version of Einsteins Theory Of Relativity?  Impress your friends and work colleagues with the true meaning of…
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ifixit DIY jobs

Ifixit DIY Jobs

Are you Bored? Do you Want To Repair Something?  Then Check out Ifixit DIY Jobs With nearly 50,000 repair guides on a huge amount of items, these Ifixit DIY jobs are the ultimate cure for your boredom. fix all of the stuff you have been putting off with this really cool website.  Car repairs, computer…
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virtual rubiks cube

Virtual Rubiks Cube

If You’re Felling Bored And Want To Get Your Brain Working, Then Check Out This Virtual Rubiks Cube This amazing virtual Rubiks cube allows you to create, design and solve your very own cube. Choose from glass or classic, numbered or coloured. You then simply select Shuffle and away you go.  This really cool website…
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wall of birds

Wall Of Birds

Cure Your Boredom With This interactive Wall Of Birds If you are a fan or birds or birdwatching you will love this interactive wall of birds. This large-scale mural features tons of facts and figures on species from all surviving bird families across the globe alongside a select group of extinct ancestors.  Slay our boredom…
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puzzle prime

Puzzle Prime

Cure Your Boredom With Puzzle Prime Puzzle prime is guaranteed to get the grey matter working with a huge range of brain teasers, puzzles, games and all round general cool stuff.  An amazing website that is both fun and educational, that will keep your brain entertained as well as slaying your boring day!    

1 second clicks

1 Second Clicks

Cure Your Boredom Now With 1 Second Clicks How accurately can you make 1 second clicks for 10 whole seconds?  This awesome game puts your internal clock, dexterity skills and timing to the test. Let us know in the comments section how close your came. We were 87% accurate!    

learn sign language

Learn Sign Language

Are You Looking For Something Different To Do On Your Boring Day? Then Why Not Learn Sign Language? If you are looking to do something amazing and cool to relive your boredom? Then why not learn sign language with the American Sign Language Dictionary?  With a video for every word you will be up and…
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documentary heaven

Documentary Heaven

Bored Of Watching The Same Old TV Program? Then Check Out Documentary Heaven With 1000S of completely free documentaries on pretty much any subject, Documentary Heaven is your ultimate cure for boredom. Many websites do the same as this, but they all require a subscription or payment. Well not this site. So get the pizza’s…
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learn Klingon

Learn Klingon

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Learn Klingon ? Learn Klingon with the Klingon Language Institute. Yep we are 100% serious. Those bumpy headed freaks of Star Trek really have their own language, one which has grown far bigger than television and film. That’s what this cool website is all about. The KLI are here to…
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Clever Bot

Clever Bot

Clever Bot – Bored with No One To Talk To? -Problem solved Clever bot is by far one of the best websites around. It’s very funny and very clever. If you’re bored you just need to start a chat on it.  Clever bot has an artificially intelligent algorithm which it keeps responding to your chat…
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Hum Or Sing A Song

Hum Or Sing A Song Feeling Bored? This amazing website by Midomi allows you to hum or sing any song that you can’t think the name of. It will then figure out the name of that song for you. How clever is that? This  is perfect for people that want to play a song but only…
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Feeling Bored? Play Sporcle

Feeling Bored? Play Sporcle Sporcle is the ultimate website for bored people. It has been around for a while, but it’s still great. With a quiz about pretty much any subject, this will keep you occupied for hours and will put an abrupt end to that boring day whilst filling your head full of useless…
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free rice

Free Rice – Help The Hungry

Free Rice – Help The Hungry If you are bored and you really want to make a difference. Free Rice will commit 10 grams of rice for every question you get right through the world food programme.  Yes!! they really will. This website is committed to reducing hunger around the world.  So if you are…
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learn how to code

Learn How To Code

Learn How To Code Relieve your boredom by doing something really cool and brainy.  This website allows you to learn how to code, and the awesome bit is that it is completely free. If you have ever wanted to do something really clever, then this is the site for you. With one day courses and…
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learn a foreign language

Learn a Foreign Language

Learn a Foreign Language Are you so bored and fed up that you just want to do something really clever and intelligent? then why not Learn a Foreign Language? Duolingo is a free fun and and interactive website that allows you to learn many different languages from around the world at your own pace,  So cure…
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astronomy picture

Daily Astronomy Picture

Daily Astronomy Picture Each day, daily astronomy picture brings you a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe.  Along with a brief explanation written by a really clever professional astronomer type person.  With thousands of different pictures and explanations for you to trawl through, this website will keep your boredom at bay for hours…
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Your metric birthday

Your Metric Birthday

Your Metric Birthday If you are feeling truly bored then check out your metric birthday, This website exactly how many days old you are and when you will reach 10,000 days old.  As well as when you turned 1000, 5000 and 10,000 days old.  

age geek

Age Geek Facts

Use Age Geek Facts To Cure Boredom Use age geek facts to discover what other people had achieved by your age. This cool website is guaranteed to kill you bored feelings and depress you at the same time.  

here is today - a look through time

Here Is Today – A look Through Time

Here Is Today – A look Through Time and puts it into perspective Take an innovative and interactive look through time with the here is today website! if you are bored and love facts and figures then this is the website for you!  You can use today’s date as a starting point and track back…
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time travel

Time Travel Radio

Radio Time Travel Pick a year, pick a country and time travel anywhere around the world to listen to music from that age.  Choose from 1900 all of the way up to the modern day – a perfect cure for your boring day