Bored and fancy a little bit of WTF? Click this tab for a range of bizarre websites that will not only cure your boredom, but will have you asking yourself what the f*ck

Watch bizarre TV

Watch Bizarre TV

Watch Bizarre TV Clips From Around The World   Neave TV allows you to watch bizarre TV clips that are funny weird and downright odd.  This cool website takes you on a trippy, humorous and crazy journey. The type of journey that can only be achieved by drinking a shed load of beer, or smoking …

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huge scary spider

Huge Scary Spider

Control A Virtual Huge Scary Spider? Check out this huge scary spider that crawls along a virtual floor in any direction you want it to. you can even feed it insects to munch on.  This looks completely real and is certainly not for any arachnophobia sufferers.  However, How funny would it be to send it …

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Real Life Cam

Real Life Camera

Spy On People When You’re Bored With This Real Life Camera Are you sat in the home or office bored out of your mind? then check out this ultimate invasion of privacy,  Real Life Cam films different couples and singletons who have cameras set up through their house where you can watch absolutely everything they …

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human for sale

Human For Sale

Human For Sale Are you bored? Have you thought about putting yourself up for sale lately? Have you ever wonder how much cash you could get on the open human market? Well here is your chance.  Get a free valuation for your self now at human for sale. This website will value you based on your …

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Flat earth society

Flat Earth Society

Thinking I’m Bored? Then Visit The Flat Earth Society Yes you heard us correctly the flat earth society. Even now in the 21st Century there are still people on this planet that believe the earth is flat.  Crazy we know, but actually reading through this bizarre website is both hilarious and a perfect cure for …

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