Learn the Aboriginal Language

This cool and unusual website teaches you how to speak the ancient words of Marra, an Australian Aboriginal language that is slowly being forgotten about. By using the microphone on your computer, tablet or mobile, you learn how to speak different phrases in Marra, this allows you  to progress through the website. As you learn more about the spoken Aboriginal language you also learn about the back story and the motivation behind the website.  The session only lasts for 10 minutes in total, so why not give it a try?

At the end of the your session, you are taken to the map of Australia where you will be given the option to share Mother’s Lingo to help keep this amazing language alive.  This cool website holds a way of interacting that is both engaging, and really interesting and uses it in such a way that helps support the cause. With the combination of interaction throughout, animation and a really beautiful style it’s definitely worth checking out.

So instead of saying the words i’m bored, do something about it. Learn a new language and save it from extinction.

Aboriginal Language

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