Clever Bot – Bored with No One To Talk To? -Problem solved

Clever bot is by far one of the best funny websites around. It’s very witty and very clever. If you’re bored, sat in the house or office with nothing to do, then all you need to solve the issue is to start a conversation on it.  Clever bot isn’t just one of those crappy apps that simply repeats what you say parrot fashion. This really smart dude has an artificially intelligent algorithm which it keeps responding to your chat, and most importantly it wont ever get bored or fed up with you. ask it absolutely anything and it will answer. There is loads of fun that you can have with this fella. But some people have taken it to the next level.  Check out this post that brings you the best questions you can ask the bot

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Let us know in the comments section any cool conversations you have managed to have.


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Cure Boredom

The clever bot is part of the clever stuff category  that brings you loads of general all round interesting and cool posts to cure your boredom in the home or office.  Where else could you find a live shark tracker that spots in real time some nasty little critters swimming around in the sea? There could be a great white shark in the ocean near you.  Or a website that can take you through the entire syllabus of the intergalactic language of Klingon.

Bored a lot really does have a website for every type of bored person around the world.  If you think we have missed off a site, or you own a website that you think we would like, then get in touch with us.  If it fits a topic we haven;t covered yet, we would love to hear from you.

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