Bring out your inner geek with these real Physics Simulations

Some clever boffins of the internet have come up with a really cool website that carries out live and real time Physics experiments across a number of different areas.  Sure, a topic of this is way over our heads, but we can see how clever and smart people can understand this and have a lot of fun.  So if you’re a bored geek then look no further. You  can try games such as pendulum force and the rigid body roller coaster (Again, we have no idea what any of these mean) but they look really technical and interesting, so if this is your bag, then it is certainly a cure for your boredom during these strange times.  Each game allows you to change the parameters to show how the simulation differs and there is lots of data that appears to tell you ‘interesting stuff’ So why not give it a whirl and let us know what you think about it.  No complicated comments though please.


Real Physics Simulations


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Still felling bored?


This link is part of the clever stuff category.  Here you will find all of the websites that are designed to get your brain training and working as it should be.  Instead of checking out youtube and Facebook then why not watch and listen to the best TED talks ever delivered.  These are short 10 minute videos that are presented by some of the smartest people on the planet.  Perfect if you are fed up of saying i’m bored. Or why not give the Google flight simulator a go.  This is a website that lets you fly loads of different aircraft over any map of the world.  So technically you could take off from your back yard on a Boeing 747 and land at your local supermarket.  Pretty cool eh?  We have 1000s of websites for bored people in our archives so explore our site and have some fun. We promise you will never be bored again.

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