Bored? Then Get Your Brain Working With The Best TED talks Ever

Are you sat in your home or office looking for some much needed clever and all round cool stuff to learn? Then look no further than TED. Born in the 1980s this online website focuses on 3 topics.  Technology, Entertainment and Design.  It has 1000s of short and powerful video talks that are no longer than 18 minutes long.

So here at bored a lot we have provided you with the link to the Best TED talks ever.  

Learn about cool subjects you never would have dreamed of, such as what his happening with the next generation of robotic and bionic limbs.  You can also here about the whole evolution of our world in just 18 minutes, or even sit back and discover a whole new world of information by exploring the whole TED website.  If you are sick and tired of Facebook and Twitter and you are looking to learn about something different and new, then this really is the website to cure your boredom

Let us know in the comments section your favorite TED talk.

The best TED Talks ever

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