The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Game

Are you bored? are fan of the hugely successful hitchhikers guide to the galaxy film and series? then you will love this amazing role playing game. This game is specifically designed for bored people and is more difficult than you could possibly image, which is why it can cast away those boring and dull days for quite a while.  Very Addictive and very Fun.

The original hitchhikers guide game was launched to the world in 1984, and was a text game where you typed instructions and the game would respond with a description of your surroundings and what has happened based on your actions.

In essence the game remains fundamentally unchanged and the original script by Douglas Adams remains untouched.The hitchhikers guide game is still played by typing in commands and pressing return. You then read the text, follow your gut instinct and in all likelihood you will be killed an infinite amount of times. Enjoy!!! 

hitchhikers guide

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