Having A Boring Day? Need A Laugh? Then Why Push Trump Off A Cliff

Push Trump off a cliff allows you to delicately move the 45th president up to the end of a cliff. You can then push him over the edge. This is a really funny website to occupy you on your day of boredom. The site has been recently updated and you are now able to throw Trump down a drain.  Into a volcano of steaming Lava and into the mouth of a Huge T-REX,  for obvious reasons ( It’s hilarious) we love the dinosaur one. There are loads of strange and weird websites dedicated to DJT, but we have to admit that this is by far the best one. So don’t hold off any more. If you’re bored at work and looing for something fun to do online then give this a go.  You know you want to!!!!!

let us know in the comments which is your best version

push trump off the cliff

Push Trump off a cliff

Push Trump off a cliff

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