Trash Loop Game

Trash loop is a hand eye co-ordination game that lets you toss a ball of paper into a trash can from different angles.  Now, whilst this may be a useless website it does serve a purpose. Not only does it get the brain working, it also allows you to switch of from your really bad day at work or the screaming kids.  Practice from short ranges first, then as you get confident you can work your way back to the fringes of the screen.  Not only can this game be played using a mouse, you can also play trash loop using your pinky finger on a mobile or tablet device. So what are you waiting for? give it a try and end your boredom for just a few minutes at least.

Trash Loop Game


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This link is part of the useless websites section, here you will be able to explore the hundreds of pointless sites that we have in our vaults.  Sites such as Pablo the dancing flamingo.  Yes, you heard us right, a flamingo the bumps and grinds as you move your mouse or finger around the screen.  Or what about everyone’s favorite? The virtual stapler.  A website that mimics the sounds of different types of office stapler. When you are done navigating around this category then get onto the next section of our website, be really do have enough bored websites to keep you occupied for the rest of your life.  We are also accepting new links, so if you know of any fun sites, interesting websites, pointless websites or any other website to cure boredom then get in touch with us.


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