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Back before the turn of the century (1998) the Nokia snake game was loaded onto all of their phones. It fast became a retro game for all bored people that wanted to kill time.  Sadly, as the dawn of the smart phone happened, the game started to disappear for more modern time killers.  The player basically controls a dot, this dot has to eat other dots which makes the snake bigger. Aim if the game is to make the snake as big as possible. You loose the game if you hit one of the boundaries, or yourself.  This game is perfect for people who want to relieve their bygone 90s lives, or people who have nothing to do and just want to waste some time.  So the challenge is on.

Post in the comments section your highest score for the Nokia Snake Game

Our Score is 19. which we are pretty impressed with (See proof of this below)

Nokia snake Game

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