The 100 Meter Scroll

Cure your boredom now with the 100 meter scroll. Do you know someone who is constantly on their phone, tablet or computer? Are you bored at work? or sat in the house with nothing to do? Then accept the challenge.  How quickly can you scroll all 328 feet against the clock? Warning, you will be surprised how long it is, so be prepared for your mouse thumb or your scrolling thumb to have a severe work out but the end of the race. Once you become an expert at this and if you are feeling confident try and beat the record.

If you did accept the challenge then let us know in the comments section how you got on.  Who will be the best scroller?

100 meter scroll

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Did you know that we are also taking submissions. So if you know of or even own a funny or useless website that you think we would like then submit it to us.  Providing it is unique and unusual we will add it to our vaults for all of our followers to see.


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