When we don’t feel like doing anything else, we can always find motivation to play games; it’s a convenient method to pass the time. You can also use the services given here to get dull tasks like writing assignments out of the way! So, to help you quench your gaming thirst, here are the top entertaining online games to play when boredom hits.

Dwarf Fortress

The basic aesthetics of Dwarf Fortress resemble those of a DOS game, but behind the surface lies an extraordinarily intricate strategic game.

Many people will be put off by the game’s open-ended nature and the massive amounts of micromanagement needed of players, but those who are prepared to put in the time and effort will be rewarded. When you’re first starting off, just keep a guide ready because things can (and will) get confused.

Hidden and Dangerous

Hidden and Dangerous is a World War II strategic third-person shooter in which you control four Allied soldiers on various missions. The graphics are outdated by modern standards, but the foundation of the game remains solid, and accomplishing each mission without a single loss is always enjoyable.


Slither.io is basically multiplayer Snake for the twenty-first century, following in the footsteps of Agar.io’s success. Players start out as little snakes who must devour food (in the form of small blobs on the map) in order to develop. Larger snakes have an easier difficulty catching and vanishing smaller snakes. When an enemy snake is caught, it becomes food for other snakes. Slither.io’s simplicity makes it an excellent alternative for quick, entertaining multiplayer gaming when you’re bored. Furthermore, a wide range of neon-colored skins results in designs that are both eye-catching and pleasant.

Dungeon Keeper 2

The Dungeon Keeper series by Bullfrog turns the classic dungeon crawler on its head by placing you in the role of the bad guy. Create your own dungeon, hire monsters, collect gold, and destroy any heroes who dare to enter.


Octodad, created by a group of kids, is a combination between the QWOP Olympics and the Animaniacs’ Giant Chicken comedy. You are in charge of an octopus acting as a human, and you must maintain a normal demeanor if you do not want your wife, children, or the rest of the world to discover the horrific reality.

Broken Sword 2.5

Broken Sword 2.5, a supporter game, is a point-and-click adventure that adds to the series nicely. Even if you’re not familiar with George Stobbart’s escapades, anyone who like riddles and a light-hearted adventure will love this book.

Trackmania Nations Forever

Trackmania is a racing game with a focus on speed. The rewind function, which allows you to restart or part of a race if you make a mistake (which you will), and the online mode, which puts you against thousands of gamers on bespoke tracks, are the two big draws.

There is a premium version as well, but you’ll probably be too busy with beating records on the free version to consider it.


Wormax.io is a multiplayer game in which you must eat or get eaten. Wormax.io, which was heavily influenced by Slither.io, improves on its predecessor in a number of significant ways. Three attainable skills, Acceleration, Stop, and Ghost, make the game considerably more dynamic and competitive. Players can slither over a variety of boosters for extra health, vision, and magnetic abilities at any time during the game. Wormax.io’s unique “Artifact” money and league system add to the game’s replay value.

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