Are You A Bored Practical Joker? Then Check Out These Office Prank Sounds

If you are sat in the office bored out of your mind? Are you feeling a little mischievous? Then this office prank sounds generator is all that you need.  Simply get access to a poor souls computer.  Log onto the website, set the timer, and choose from a range of hilarious sounds.   Our particular favorite is the explosive diarrhoea. Once you have set your trap, minimise the screen, return to your desk and watch the carnage begin from a distance. Just try your best not to laugh as your victim tries in vain to silence the sound around them. This is also perfect for people in the house that are spending too much time on their device and you want to poke fun at them. If you are young enough to be reading this we recommend your parents.

Sure the troll timer is cruel, crass and a little immature, (Well maybe a big bit of immature) but we love it and we are sure that it will kerb your boring day for at least a little while using other peoples embarrassment and suffering

office prank troll timer

Let us know in the comments if you have managed to troll any of your friends or co workers with this prank for bored people

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Still Bored?


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