Here are some really fun games to play when you are bored a lot. The games below are free to play and easy to learn. So, you can just jump right in have some fun couple of hours.

Whether you come home from a busy workday or completed an exhausting routine at school, gaming is a great way to escape all the drama. There might as well nothing to worried about. In any case, you are bored and there are a thousand choices on how to spend your free time. What are you going to play and what are the best games to play when bored?

1- World of Tanks

World of Tanks invites you to the brutal battles where you get to use one of the most dangerous war machines of our history. The game features some of the most famous tanks used in battles. From Maus to O-Ni, the greatest armored vehicles are waiting for you to destroy the enemy and win the war.

Although it is a free game, World of Tanks does have in-game purchases. If you are looking for a game to spend some fun couple of hours, it deserves a chance.

2- FIFA Online 4

FIFA Online 4 is a recent online game where you get the chance to create your football team. As the director of your club, you have to chance to create the most impressive lineup in the world of sports.

Win the matches against other players from around the world, make transfers and carry your team to the ultimate championship. Or have quick matches to enjoy a good sports match and quit the game. In any case, FIFA Online 4 is a good choice. 


The good old is one of the funniest games that you can play when you are bored a lot. It is simply a drawing game where you need to draw a certain thing. The other players guess what it is and get scores if they are correct. is especially better when you play it with your friends.

4- GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr is one of the best games to play when bored. It is partly free; it requires no installation and it can be played on a browser. It is an exploration game where you find out where you are after the game drops you at a random location. The data is taken from Google Street View for members who have a premium account.

Those who play the game without paying for a subscription play the game using the data taken from Mapillary. Regardless of the account type, GeoGuessr is pretty fun and it also gives you a glimpse of a different place in the world.

5- Lady Popular

Jump right into the glamorous world of Lady Popular where you get to immerse yourself with beautiful clothing and luxurious accessories. 

Players get to design and dress up their characters in a wide variety of fashion choices. From hair, makeup, and clothes to skin, accessories; players have a great number of options to compete in the vibrant world of fashion.

6- Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is an online RPG game where you create your own character and teleport into brutal PvP and PvE battles.

The browser-based game offers a fast-paced and balanced experience where you just smoothly level up your character and battle all day long. It is also a very fun game to play if you are bored and looking for a minimal RPG.

7- Raze

Raze is the most basic game on this list. Yet again, it is a great game where you just shoot around while wearing cool armors and jumping high. It is also pretty old. But it always helped lots of players when they were bored.

Here are 7 solid games to spend some fun and a quick couple of hours. All of them are either free or offer free account types. If these games just aren’t doing it for you, than you should check out RiseupGamer Gaming Guides and News for some free fun game guides and news.

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