There are times where you just don’t want to do anything. You might also want to do everything but don’t have the eagerness for it. Although there are many other versions of it, this is called boredom. And we all say “I am bored” quite often as tasks get repetitive, days get similar to each other and everything becomes blurry.

In times like these, one can do many things. You can play video games, maximize your creativity, change your living style for a while or do nothing. These methods might have different results for each person. Yet again, we listed 14 solid suggestions so you can cope with your boredom.

1- Play Gartic Phone with your friends.

Gartic Phone offers the ultimate “play with your friends” experience. The game tasks players with writing a random thing. It could be anything so the only limit is your imagination. The game then asks players to make drawings based on those descriptions. 

And finally, after all of the gamers complete their artistic interpretation, they once again describe the drawings. It is repeated until all of the descriptions are made. Then the players get to see all of the drawings and interpretations in the quite hilarious final session.

2- Play Catan Universe.

Catan Universe is an amazing game to play when you are bored. It invites you to the fertile lands of Catan where you get to meddle in diplomacy, make use of natural resources and become the most advanced nation.

3- Write a short story.

Just take up the pen and start writing a short story. It doesn’t have to become a bestseller in New York Times. Just decide what you want to tell and get on writing.

Fictionalizing helps the brain focus on the memories to get the right material as well. So if you think you are bored, maybe writing is your thing.

4- Watch a random episode of your favorite TV show.

Your favorite TV series might be The Office, Parks and Recreation, Friends, or How I Met Your Mother. Just go to the browser and search the random episode of a certain show. As you probably know what happens throughout the TV series, rewatching a random chapter is actually a good idea to spend some time.

5- Try listening to an audiobook.

We all have a certain book that we always want to read but just can’t find some free time. Download the audiobook version of that piece and listen to it when you are bored. You might be commuting or just lying on your bed, audiobooks are always there if you have your headphones.

6- Hit the roads Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a unique truck sim as it immerses players in the world of logistics. The simulator invites you on long drives through Europe. As a rookie driver, you make deliveries, explore different cities and overcome the logistic hardships of a truck company.

ETS2 is a wonderful game to play when you are bored as it manages to offer a great experience even when you only hear the sound of the engine. Get back on the wheel and forget the struggles of daily life.

7- Become a guardian in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play FPS game that takes players beyond space and far into the future. With its solid lore, impressive atmosphere, and great PVE elements, Destiny 2 is a brilliant game that depicts a mysterious universe for players to discover. 

Choose your class and take your part in the battle. The Traveler awaits you.

8- Take a nap.

Sleeping is the ultimate weapon of escapism in the 21st century. You are a modern human troubled with the horrifying daily tasks of your modern life. 

So remove the daily struggles from your mind and take a solid nap. If you are bored, you probably have some free time. Which means it is the perfect time to get some sleep. 

9- Assume the role of an immigration officer in Papers Please.

Papers Please is a quite different game that allows players to assume the role of an immigration officer. You wouldn’t think that something like this should be among the games to play when bored.

Don’t worry though, because being in the shoes of an immigration officer in Arstotzka is no easy task. Papers Please offer a very immersive experience with its pixelated textures and unique gameplay mechanics. 

Your task is to analyze everyone at the gates and check their papers to detect if there is something wrong. From bombers to frauds, liars to freaks, everyone will want to get into the country. And you are the only one to decide.

10- Try a different game mode in Roblox.

Yes, the time has come for you to sign up to Roblox and try hundreds of different game modes. As a solid source for some of the best memes on the internet, Roblox does offer a great time with its various servers, RP modes, parkour maps, escape rooms, and many other fun activities.

Maybe your little brother or sister was right from the beginning as Roblox is one of the best games to play when bored.

11- Play Team Fortress 2.

As a long-running classic, Team Fortress 2 remains among the best titles that Valve has ever come up with. Choose your class and team to lose yourself in the various game modes of the team-shooter. TF2 is also free to play, meaning that you can jump right in for a quick couple or two matches without paying anything. 

With that said, TF2 has hundreds of short films on YouTube as well. So it is a great game to play when bored and 

12- Explore a new subreddit.

On the front page of the internet, there is always something new waiting to be found. Register to Reddit if you still don’t have an account and start typing anything.

There is probably a subreddit created for it. You can also have a look at r/nosleep if you are into horror stories or read amazing short stories at r/writingprompts. 

13- Get some posters.

Change the flow of Feng Shui in your room. If you keep saying that you are bored, you might try changing some stuff you constantly see during the day. Add a new poster to your wall or paint a certain space in your house. If it feels like too much work and if you still say “I am bored”, you can also design your own posters and print them later on.

14- Remove unnecessary files from your PC and phone.

One of the most successful methods to eradicate your boredom is to delete the junk files from your computer or your phone. As the available size gets bigger with each file you remove, the sense of peace and serenity will overcome your boredom.

Here are a few ways to save yourself from the bottomless pit of boredom.

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