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Are you in need of an emergency text message? Do you need to show evidence of a conversation taking place on your phone? Well this fake text message generator could be the answer to all of your problems.  This website allows you to create conversations and save screenshots, this means that you can make up chats between people. What’s great about this site is that you can customize every possible option. from the strength of your battery, to the phone provider name and the colour. When you have written your messages out you can simply save the image of your fake texts and do with it as your please.  We think that this is great for pranks and practical jokes. But there are also many other uses that can give you endless fun. So if you’re bored and looking for something fun and different to do, give this a shot.

Fake text message generator

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This link is part of the useless websites category.  This section is pack full of the strangest and weirdest sites on the planet that serve absolutely no purpose. Here you will see sites such as the virtual stapler. Yep you heard us right, a website that is dedicated to stapler lovers all over.  Or how about the flying opera pigs?  A site that shows flying pigs zoom across your screen as operatic music plays.  Sure they are all a bit weird, but that’s what we are all about. We provide you with 1000s of wonderful and weird websites to cure your boredom when you are sat in the home or office looking for things to do online.   Whats great about our site is that we cater for every niche and taste.  Try our artistic websites for people who love to use their hands, or even interesting websites for people who love facts and figures. Spend the day exploring what we have in our vaults and never Google i’m bored again.

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