Morty Elastic Face

Do you like stuff that is a little bit weird? Well this useless website is all you need.
Web designer David Li has created his very own version of Morty from the animated science fiction sitcom Rick and Morty.  When you land on the page you are presented with a perfectly normal looking face. However, as you start to move around you will see the eyes move with you.
What makes this site stand out from the rest it the fact that you can pull, move, and stretch Morty’s face around as if were a piece of elastic!
When you have stretched the Morty elastic face as far as it goes, release it and it will ping and wobble back into place.  For those people who really want to get the most out of this useless website there is also a high definition version as well.

See what we mean by checking out the GIF below

elastic face gif

Let us know in the comments section what you thought of the site.

Morty Elastic Face

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Morty Elastic Face

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