5 Fun Activities You Can Do to Fight Your Boredom

5 Fun Activities You Can Do to Fight Your Boredom

Boredom is the worst, especially when you consider the current situation around the world. Some people think that focusing on being productive will help the feeling disappear. This might work for some, but when you’re not in the zone, forcing yourself to be productive is counter-intuitive because you’ll just put yourself under more stress.

Feeling bored can be torture for many people, but there are many different ways to fight it aside from trying to be productive. For example, you can browse various websites and try out mobile apps that can help you kill a few hours. These are great because you’ll get the chance to interact with your friends even when you’re not physically together.

For more boredom-fighting ideas, here are five activities you can do when you find yourself saying “I’m bored”:

Hold a listening party session

Sometimes, you don’t need to do much physical work to kill your boredom. A great way to pass the time is by creating a mixtape and holding a listening session with your friends or a special someone. This is great because you can rediscover music and find songs you’ve never heard before. 

Find out your metric birthday

Probably one of the most random things you can do is to find out when you’re turning 10,000 days old. This is fun because you’ll be able to know how many days you’ve been alive. When you find your metric birthday, you and your friends can plan a random 10,000th-day old birthday celebration. 

Play computer games

One easy solution is to play games on your computer when you’re bored. There are a lot of standalone gaming clients that you can use to keep yourself “busy.” These platforms have a wide range of different kinds of game genres that you can choose from. Because most of these platforms have a long list of games, you won’t have any trouble finding one that fits your mood.

Take a trip to the market and make yourself a great meal

If you’re feeling up for a quick adventure, why not go to the supermarket and find something you can cook at home? Sometimes, a little bit of self-love when you’re bored can go a long way. Fix yourself a fantastic meal and pair it with great wine. An alternative method is to video-call a friend and cook meals together but in separate places.

Find weird websites and games online

The internet is a massive world of never-ending websites. You can find almost anything you need just by doing a quick search. One way to kill time is to look for weird websites with games and crazy trivia that you and your friends can share and laugh at. This is a great way to pass the time. You won’t even notice that you and your friends have been laughing for hours.


There are numerous ways to kill boredom, and it’s all up to your imagination. You can step out of your house and get some fresh air or do silly things like looking for pointless websites that will tickle your funny bone. When you find yourself bored, refer back to this list for fun and exciting ideas to keep yourself entertained.

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