How To Kill Time While Waiting for Your Flight at the Airport

Waiting for your flight at the airport

One of the worst things to experience when traveling is getting bored at the airport while waiting for your boarding time. If you travel regularly, you’re not new to the uncertainties and events that can unfold while waiting in the airport, like delays or even cancellations. 

Besides experiencing delays and cancellations, other airport events can contribute to your boredom. You may experience long airport layovers for international travel, which can last for many hours before you can hop on the plane again. 

While many of these instances are unavoidable, there are different ways to entertain yourself while being stuck in the airport. So if you find yourself dying of boredom and tweeting, “Help me. I’m bored.”, don’t worry; we’re here to help. Below are different activities you can do to kill time while waiting at the airport. Let’s get to it!

1.Create your trip’s itinerary

One of the most productive things you can do while waiting for your flight or dealing with flight delays is planning your trip’s itinerary. 

Whether you’re flying out for business or leisure, it’s always a good idea to fix up a schedule so you’ll be able to maximize your time out of town wisely. 

Most airports have Wi-Fi and internet kiosks that can accommodate you if you need to do a bit of research to find the best spots to visit and restaurants to try. 

2.Surf the internet for entertainment

As mentioned earlier, most airports provide free Wi-Fi for travelers to use. If you’re looking for entertainment, now is the perfect time to browse through your social media accounts, find entertaining posts, and connect with friends.

Try tweeting or posting a picture with the caption “Help me. I’m bored!” See who’s going to interact with you, and you may find funny suggestions of what you can do from your friends and even strangers. 

Besides that, because of the long wait, you can finally binge the show you’ve been eyeing on Netflix! 

3.Relax at the lounge

If you’re a regular traveler, one of the best decisions you can make is joining rewards programs that can give you access to their club lounges at the airport. 

When you have so much time to kill, it’s a good idea to find an area where you can sit back, relax in a comfortable chair, and enjoy a platter of delicious food with a cocktail! 

Aside from enjoying the lounge’s relaxing vibe, you’re also in a safe space to do some work where you can avoid any distractions while you wait for your boarding time. 

4.Try to get an upgrade

Some flights may often be under-booked, and there might be available seats in business or even first class. When this happens, the flight crew may offer extra seats to random economy travelers, so it’s best to try your luck!

Apart from killing time by surfing the internet and enjoying delicious food, why not try and ask the flight crew if there are upgrades available for grabs? You might be experiencing a bit of hassle because of the wait, but because you’ll get an upgrade, waiting will be worth it.


Killing time at the airport shouldn’t be feared because you can do so many things while waiting. So if you find yourself thinking, “I’m bored,” just remember the activities we mentioned above. With that, you’ll find something to do, you won’t notice the hours that pass by, and you’ll be on the plane in no time!

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