5 Video Call Games You Can Do With Your Friends

Video Call Games You Can Do With Your Friends

The recent global pandemic that struck earlier this year has left most countries on lockdown. Because of this, people are required to stay at home and practice social distancing protocols. This pandemic has affected many people’s lives by forcing them to work at home and adjust to this new lifestyle. One of the activities that many people miss is hanging out with their friends.

Because of social distancing, people find ways to stay in close contact with their loved ones and friends through video chatting. One of the best video chat activities you can do is playing games during the call. If you’re thinking of things to do when you’re bored, hosting a video call game night would be an excellent way to kill time with friends. 

Here are five games you and your friends can try

1. The 20 Questions Guessing Game

The 20 questions guessing game is one of the most popular games to play because it’s easy and entertaining. One person is chosen as the answerer and has to think of something or select an object that the rest of the group has to guess. They can only ask 20 questions altogether that are answerable by yes or no.

2. Impressions Game

This game is incredibly fun to play because it will push you and your friends out of your comfort zone. When you play the impressions game, you and your friends will have to pick a person to mimic and guess who each one is portraying. To make this more fun, set a timer for every round. Your friends might start doing hilarious impersonations because of the time pressure!

3. No-Mirror Make-Up Challenge

If you want a game that would make people look silly, try playing the no-mirror make-up challenge. Putting on make-up without a mirror can be extremely challenging and give you incredibly funny results. In this game, you have to set a timer, apply some make-up, and once your timer sets off, you and your friends will vote for the best make-up look. Get your phone and laptop ready for screenshots and pictures because the results will be priceless.

4. Try-Not-to-Laugh Challenge

This game is particularly easy to play with friends, especially with online video calls. The great thing about video calls is that you can share your screen, and this game uses that feature. What you want to do is to look up funny websites and videos and try not to laugh. Whoever laughs first gets the point, and the person with the least points wins the game.

5. Try-Not-to-Sing Challenge

Another Try-Not-To challenge that you and your friends can enjoy requires you to stop yourself from singing along. This game can be challenging if the game master creates a solid playlist that you cannot help but sing along. To make this more interesting, add another level of difficulty aside from not being allowed to sing. One way to do this is not to allow players to move to the groove of the music as well. 


When you’re running out of things to do at home, it’s always good to maximize the use of your internet and video call apps. Host a video party and start playing these hilarious and fun games that you and your friends can do while practicing social distancing. You’ll end the night laughing so hard you wouldn’t even notice the distance.

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