3 Easy and Nostalgic Science Experiments You Can Do at Home

Science experiments

It’s 2021, the pandemic is still around, and you may be stuck in your house wondering what on earth to do. If you’ve experienced being bored, you know how endless the boredom can be when you’ve been stuck at home and unable to see your friends and family. Both adults and children are feeling bored at home and are wondering what else there is to watch on Netflix or what other games they can play together. 

However, one thing that will always be a blast and a joy is cool science experiments. Science is the best, especially when it’s taught in a fun way and with hands-on experience. You won’t be getting any of the boring physics or general sciences on this website because we’re about to give you the best science experiments at home that everyone will love. Here are some of the greatest simple experiments you can conduct safely in your home while you remain safe from the virus:

1. Lava Lamps

As a groovy part of any 90s kid’s life, it’s now time for the lava lamp to be reborn. While the original ones were practically fire hazards and got very hot, this home-made variant is nothing more than just some cooking ingredients and a jar. You’ll need salt, water, a glass of vegetable oil, a large transparent jar, and your food coloring color of choice. 

The experiment starts with filling the large glass with two-thirds of water, followed by the rest of the third with vegetable oil. You’ll then see the oil floating on the surface. Then pour the food coloring drops into the oil and put a teaspoon of salt into the glass. You’ll then see the salt drag the oil to the bottom, and the food coloring makes the blobs look like your retro lava lamp. Put a flashlight under the jar and you have a nice luminous experiment in your room!

2. The Famous Volcano

We’ve all done this experiment in our early education years, and if you have kids who aren’t able to go to school and experience this right now, why not make the volcano experiment today? This baking soda volcano experiment is one of the best science experiments at home, and all you need is a tray, clay, sand, a small plastic bottle, food coloring, baking soda, and vinegar. 

First, you’ll have to use clay and sand to mold the volcano shape around your selected plastic bottle. This build will keep the mood and vibe of the experiment, which will make you less bored as you go through the process. After this is set, pour two tablespoons of baking soda into the bottle, followed by a small amount of warm water. Add red or orange food coloring, with the trigger substance being the glass of vinegar. It will then erupt because of a chemical reaction between the baking soda and vinegar, which will propel the contents upwards and out of the bottle. 

3. Crystal Growing

Everyone loves crystals, as these are fascinating minerals that are shiny and remind us of very valuable things. There are many crystals you can grow at home, but we’ll be talking about one way to see some of these formulate using the fewest materials and ingredients. It’ll be fantastic to see these grow naturally with salt, distilled water, a piece of wire, and containers. 

You’ll need a super-saturated salt solution that won’t allow any more salt to be dissolved in the warm distilled water in a container. After the solution is ready, use a strainer and pour the salt solution into a new container. Then, take the wire and loop it at one end and lower it into the container and store it in a warm place. In a few days, you’ll have beautiful salt crystals that are clumped up on the wire. 


You don’t have to be bored at home because you have tons of cool science experiments available to you with household items. These are the three easiest ones to do, and if your kids want something new to do that isn’t playing on their gadgets or doing homework, perhaps take a break and do science experiments at home. 

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