8 Fun Challenges to Take on With Friends and Family

Fun Challenges

Everyone gets bored once in a while, whether it is because they are stuck at home with “nothing” to do or that the power went out and the WiFi is down. Fortunately, there are many ways you can break the daily boredom you deal with, especially if you have got friends or family nearby who are also in a similar situation. One of those ways is by taking on challenges, like the Oreo challenge, the cracker challenge, and more!

Are you interested in chasing away your boredom? Here are a few fun challenges you must try out with your friends or family:

1. The chubby bunny challenge

The chubby bunny challenge is one of the classics. All you need to do is to stuff your mouth with a marshmallow, say “chubby bunny,” and repeat. The person who stuffs the most and can still say “chubby bunny” wins!

2. The cracker challenge

Do you have a bunch of cream crackers or any other type lying around? If you do, this challenge calls for you to down six of these snacks within a minute. This might sound super easy if you have never tried it before, but we promise that it isn’t.

3. The watermelon challenge

Since watermelons are mostly water, eating the whole fruit in under two minutes shouldn’t be too hard, right? It would be a breeze if it weren’t for the fact that you can’t use your hands when eating it!

4. The powdered donut challenge

This challenge is quite similar to the cracker challenge, where you’ll have to eat a bunch of powdered donuts within a given time. The challenge here is that you are not allowed to drink anything or even wipe your mouth, so good luck!.

5. The blind self-portrait challenge

We all know that you can draw amazingly with your eyes opened, but how do you fare while blindfolded? Blindfold yourself and your friends, and then place a piece of paper and a pencil in front of everyone. After time’s up, see the hilarious results from a blindfolded attempt at a self-portrait.

6. The lemon challenge

This is one of the best challenges for those who hate sour stuff. That’s because the faces they make when eating something super sour, like lemons, can be a hilarious sight that is to be remembered for a lifetime. In this challenge, all you’ll need to do is eat a lemon slice. Just don’t forget the camera!

7. The accent challenge

Whether it be an Indian accent or a Scottish accent, it can be amusing to listen to each other’s attempts at imitating different accents. The best part of this challenge is that the other party will have to guess what accent is being emulated. Don’t be surprised if you laugh at each other’s attempts and horribly fail to guess.

8. The try-not-to-laugh challenge

There is no better way to beat boredom than to laugh, and that’s why this challenge never falls out of favor. Gather your friends and family and whip out videos, memes, or anything else that can incite laughter, and then see who can last the longest without even smirking.


Even if you are not bored, all of these challenges are great to try. Of course, they’re a lot more fun when you’re bored and are definitely worth trying if you can’t find anything to keep you entertained.

With that said, there are plenty of other challenges out there, such as the guess-the-song challenge or the pop-rocks challenge, all of which are worth checking out!

Are you still bored and looking for fun things to do? We got you covered! Bored A Lot is the remedy you need to cure your boredom. Check our recommendations to leave boredom behind and welcome fun back into your life.

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