3 More Epic Science Experiments to Beat Boredom at Home

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Being bored at home is no longer an option in 2021 because the internet is here to give you all the fun things you can do while staying in. There’s no reason why you should be bored because the online world has all the available information on activities you can do while you wait for the pandemic to die down. One way to beat the boredom is to do cool science experiments with your family to have plenty of fun while learning awesome things too.

Science experiments at home are good ways to beat cabin fever, so you’ll definitely want to check this article out for new things to do that you might not have done before. If you have kids, they’ll definitely enjoy seeing how science works, and you might have a new scientist in the making! Here are a few more cool science experiments you can do from the comforts of your own home:

1. Funky Milk

Milk is great for the body because it builds strength and improves vitality. However, it’s also an incredible science ingredient, as you’ll see how milk’s fat molecules react to specific household substances and force them into strange motions. With whole milk, you’ll need food coloring in various colors, Q-tips, a plate, and some liquid detergent to complete this experiment. 

First, pour the milk onto the plate and add drops of different food coloring. You’ll want to leave some of the milk’s whiteness visible, so don’t go overboard with the colors. Then dip your Q-tip into some liquid detergent and then dip the coated swab end into the middle of the plate. You’ll notice that the milk will swirl and go in various directions because of how the detergent is reactive to the fat molecules found in whole milk. This experiment will not work with any other kind of milk, so be sure you have pure and whole fat variants. 

2. Making an Egg Float

You might notice that anything that has a significant weight practically sinks to the bottom of any water-filled container. An egg is no different, as it has some weight with the yolk, egg whites, and its shell. If you dunk an egg into a container of water, it will always sink because of its density. However, there is one method to make the egg float, and all you need is some tap water, a large glass, and some table salt. 

First, fill the glass with a significant level of water, then test the egg to see it sink to the bottom. After this, remove the egg, add five tablespoons of salt and add more until the water becomes denser due to the saline solution. Once the water becomes denser than the egg, it will start to float. In fact, you might even be able to make other objects of similar weight float with this solution. 

3. Jar Clouds

Clouds are awesome, and the only non-awesome part is not being able to go up in the sky and touch them. However, there is a way to bring the clouds into your house, and we’re not talking about anything illegal or related to vices. In fact, all you’ll need is a gallon-sized jar, some matches, a rubber glove, a flashlight, some food coloring, water, and rubber bands. 

First, you’ll need to boil water and then pour it into the glass jar so that the water covers just the bottom. Then, swirl the water around inside the jar to cover all sides and areas, followed by placing a rubber glove over the mouth of the jar and put your hand in it. Trying not to touch the water, move your hand around the jar and pull it upward to pull all fingers of the glove outwards. Then, take the glove out and drop a match in it while shining a flashlight through the bottom. You’ll then see smoke produced inside the jar, then cover it up with a glove again. Whenever you put your hand in the glove and pull it out, you’ll see clouds form for around five to ten minutes. 


Being bored is impossible with all these cool science experiments you can do at home. Whether you have kids or not, doing these fun activities can brighten up your day and make the monotony of each pandemic week a little less predictable. 

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