It’s a fact that we sometimes do not find the will to do anything – or want to do anything meaningful at all. Or, we might just want to kill some time without having to spend much energy. Well, whatever your reason is, it seems you need some websites to spend your time with. By “websites,” we do not mean huge social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok. Hell, you’re probably so bored that you don’t even want to use them anymore. What we mean is websites with such intriguing and weird concepts that you can be hooked up. When you want to spend your time with some different activity than always on the web, we recommend you have a look at those best websites to cure your boredom. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Create Your Own Money –

Ever wanted to create your own U.S. dollar? Well, the question is oddly specific, and the answer is probably not, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying this website out. You can design your own dollar bill with a customizable photo! Try putting your mom or dad’s photo to give them a little surprise. You can design other currencies and various documents on the website, too.

Look Through a Random Window  –

This website lets you look through a random window that can be anywhere on our planet. You can try to have a look at different streets from various cities around the globe to see how it feels. We often just look outside when we’re bored, inspecting cars and people going by, so why not do it from a faraway window this time?

Try to Draw a Perfect Circle –

Even though this website won’t kill you that much of a time, trying to draw the perfect circle can be pretty interesting for competitive people. If you want to try to beat your former self in every try, you can check out the website above to create a perfect circle and reach the perfect point of 100%. Frankly, it’s not that easy, but it’s fun to try to do better with each repeat.

Create Random Physics Simulations  –

MyPhysicsLab lets you simulate some real-life physics situations with the option to change parameters like gravity and mass of your object. If you’re a geek or nerd who is OK with playing around with various situations and see their physical data in real-time, give this one a try.

Try to Reach to a Certain Wiki by Browsing –

This website starts you off with a random wiki with a final destination to reach. For example, you start at the Wikipedia page of Texas, and you try to get to WW1 by clicking on the links on the pages. The fewer clicks, the better you are.

Have a Look at Them All  –

In the end, Boredalot is the ultimate destination for users who want to get rid of their lethargic feeling. It includes all of the best websites to cure boredom, after all. If you’re not satisfied with the websites in this article, consider trying others on

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