Bored at Home? Here are Exciting Ways to Turn Your Day Around

Bored at home

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, with most people working from home and stuck indoors, there’s no denying that the situation has given everyone more freedom and time. Instead of spending moments stuck in traffic or in transit, you can now do the things you want when you want to make them happen.

When you aren’t busy anymore because you’ve accomplished all your work, you may tend to feel bored because you aren’t used to all the free time you have now as compared to before. As a result, you suddenly feel the pressure of spending your day wisely until you have to focus on your obligations again!

Being at home should never lead you to experience boredom because there’s always something you can think of doing, whether it involves going online or staying offline. Keep reading below to find out some of the best things you can do at home, allowing you to use your free time leisurely.

You Could Stream Movies Online

If you’re looking for things to do when you’re bored—and don’t want to spend too much energy while you’re at it—then you could visit video streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. These websites contain loads of movies, shows, documentaries, and videos, so you’ll never run out of stuff to watch.

For those who prefer something you can watch for hours on end, you may want to marathon a TV series, because when you add all the episodes up, it comes out longer than a regular movie!

You Could Play Online Games

There are plenty of random online games to play when you’re bored, which usually requires your quick-thinking skills and creativity to accomplish them. Games are enjoyable and exciting and can take care of your boredom and keep you busy for hours.

Remember to take necessary breaks to rest your eyes and mind to avoid experiencing unnecessary health issues. Don’t forget to refuel your body by eating meals on time too. That way, you maintain the energy you need to focus on the game you’re playing without feeling frustrated every time you lose.

You Could Work Out Everyday

People who want the complete opposite of spending their time without using up their energy when they’re bored can turn to exercise to release the pent-up stress in their bodies. Moving and breaking a sweat helps you feel productive, energized, and in an overall good mood.

There are many ways to work out, including dancing, doing yoga, going for a jog, lifting weights, and biking, all of which you can do at home or within your neighborhood. When you exercise, you don’t just work your body up, but it also affects your mind positively and gives you the boost you need to take on what the rest of the day has to offer.

You Could Take Up Gardening

If you don’t want to browse random websites and you’re tired of staying online all time, you could spend time in your yard and try gardening for a change. Depending on what you want to grow, you can think about planting vegetables, fruits, flowers, and other plants.

However, take note that gardening requires your dedication and commitment for your plants to thrive. You will have to spend some of your time watering and tending to your garden daily until you witness them start to blossom and bear fruit, proving all your hard work was worth it.


Just because you’re stuck at home, that doesn’t mean you have nothing to do besides work through the week. There are many ways to avoid feeling bored, such as watching movies and playing free online games. On the other hand, if you want to do something new that doesn’t involve the internet, you can commit yourself to working out or gardening to keep your body and mind moving and help fight off boredom entirely.

Are you looking for things to do at home when you’re feeling bored? Bored A Lot is a platform that helps users who are stuck at home and don’t know what to do with their free time. Browse through our pages to find fun websites, information, and games to cure your boredom!

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