4 Enjoyable Ways to Learn Online and Help Beat the Boredom

beat the boredom

If you’ve run out of things to do at home at the end of a workday or during the weekend, it doesn’t mean you should waste your free time. Boredom is a state of mind that you can easily get yourself out of with just a simple jolt! 

You can use your spare time to be as creative or as productive as you want. There is great value in learning something new no matter what age you are. In fact, as you get older, education can be something fun and exciting because you can do it in your own time. 

Here are four enjoyable ways you can learn new things online:

1. YouTube

People all over the world watch more than a billion hours of video on YouTube every single day. There is a truly incredible amount of content available for free, and you can learn just about anything you want from content creators in their chosen niches.

Even if you’re starting as a complete novice in your hobby of choice, there are hundreds of videos out there for you. Perhaps you want to learn to cook, bake, code, knit, sew, decorate your house, or fix your car. Maybe you want to learn all about how doctors spend their shifts, how film directors make movies, how climbers conquer Everest, or how marine biologists map the deep sea—the options are truly endless! 

Just type a word into the search bar, click around, and remember to get up for something to eat and drink every few hours.

 2. TED Talks

Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Conferences LLC is an American media organization that posts talks online for free distribution. TED conferences have been held annually since 1990. Today, there are over 3,000 TED talks available on the TED website, and hundreds are available on their YouTube channel, too.

TED speakers are given 18 minutes to present their thoughts and expertise in the most engaging way that they can. You can learn from some of the world’s greatest thinkers, including Bill Clinton, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Pope Francis, Brené Brown, and many Nobel Prize winners.

 3. Podcasts

Why limit yourself to billions of hours of video content? There’s audio, too! There are more than 1 million podcasts on Apple Podcasts alone. There are shows in just about any genre you can think of, and podcasters range from celebrities, broadcast personalities, to amateurs—maybe even your next-door neighbor is one too!

The best thing about podcasts is that you don’t have to be stuck in one place as you listen to them. You can take your earbuds with you as you garden, cook, or jog.

 4. Online Courses

Some of the most prestigious universities in the world have freely available lectures and courses online. So if you never did get around to taking that Existential Philosophy or Advanced Robotics class in college, now’s your chance. You can even learn a new language!

Websites such as Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy, and edX host thousands of these courses, and all you need to do is choose one and dive in.


In this day and age, there is no longer any reason to stay bored. There are so many ways for you to do something completely different and learn something that will exercise new pathways in your mind. With the internet at your fingertips, the opportunities are truly endless!

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