Lockdown 2021 - Things to Do to Keep Yourself Entertained

Lockdown 2021 - Things to Do to Keep Yourself Entertained

As it is not yet safe to go out and mingle with people, you have no other safer choice but to spend the holidays and other special occasions by yourself at home. Just thinking about that can be discouraging, but it is what is best for everyone at the moment.

If you are too tired of facing every night and special days all on your own and are looking for some ideas to cure your boredom, we have activity suggestions for you to try. These are the perfect things to do at home, especially during special events that you usually spend with your family and loved ones. 

Instead of being sentimental on your own, you can channel all your emotions and turn them into something productive. Starting the year right and choosing to be more optimistic is not an easy feat. Here are some things you can do to help:

Activity Suggestion 1: List Down All the Negatives and Turn Them Into Positives

Waking up to a new year but with the same situation as last time and without your loved ones’ physical presence will never be easy. If you find yourself demotivated because of your current circumstances, consider making a list. It can be a physical, digital, or mental one. 

What are the things that keep you sad? Is it the way social festivities have been redefined? Is it missing the warm embrace of your loved ones or laughing with your friends without a screen interface? After you finish your list, think of how you can positivize them. Remind yourself that other people share the same sentiments as you and that the current reality will soon end. 

A little change in perspective can go a long way, and doing so can help you cope with all your emotions. 

Activity Suggestion 2: Make a New Year Reflection

If you have not done it yet, it is never too late to make a yearly reflection. Understanding yourself better can help you determine what you truly want, forgive yourself for past mistakes, and plan your next steps. If you still feel the pressure of having goals for the year, this is your chance to come up with one.

Remember that goals do not have to be grand. Simply choosing to be grateful for the little things every day is a goal that can already make a difference in your quarantined life.  

Activity Suggestion 3: Recreate Your Favorite Outdoor Activities

If you cannot travel now but have been meaning to do so, here are some alternatives you can try:

  • Go on an adventure by reading a book.
  • Cook yourself a nice dinner as if you are eating in a restaurant.
  • Buy an essential oil and diffuser and make your room smell like your favorite spa. Add a portable massager to your purchase for the complete experience.
  • Watch a new film on the big screen. Turn off all lights, prepare popcorn or your favorite movie snack, and enjoy the experience. 


Staying at home alone can be challenging, but there will always be a way to turn things around. It is okay to welcome sad thoughts, as they are part of what makes you, well, you, but you also need to make an effort to find enjoyment in your time and with what you have. Remember that you can always turn to your friends and family online through the help of technology. You can also keep yourself entertained through various online activities. 

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