Mind Read & Prediction Card Trick: How to Perform It

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be David Copperfield, David Blaine, or Lennart Green? These professional magicians can pull off some amazing card tricks right before everyone’s eyes. Sometimes, you ponder how long it took them to practice and perfect those tricks—or if there’s real magic in these!

However, you’ll be glad to know that some of these magic tricks begin with simple decks of cards. All it takes is for you to study how they do it, practice it yourself, and soon impress your friends during a party. Fret not, as we’ve rounded up some steps for a relatively easy and simple card trick for beginners.

Here’s the mind-read-and-prediction card trick that will initially unleash the magician in you:

Mind read and prediction card trick

This card trick is in predicting chosen cards as if you can read minds. It is very easy to learn and perform, encourages spectators to interact, and leaves a fun revelation. Here’s how to pull this off:

Card preparation

First, you must prepare your deck of cards with red or light-colored card backs and a marker. The marker will be used to write numbers on each back.

  • Sort the deck in preparation for the trick.
  • Split each four of a kind and put two of each value into a pile. For instance, pick four aces and put the two in one pile and the other two in another pile.
  • Decide on a “force” number. For instance, you can choose the number “7.” 
  • Write all the cards in one pile with numbers between “1” and “52” but never write “7” on each back.
  • Take the second pile of cards and write “7” on the backs of each card.
  • Gather the cards into a deck. Lay the pile of cards with “7” at the back and put the other pile with different numbers on top.

Actual card trick

At this point, it is time for you to perform the trick. Follow the steps below:

  • Display the faces of the cards. Be sure the back parts with numbers aren’t shown.
  • Start running through the deck while displaying the faces of the cards and showing they’re different.
  • Perform an overhand shuffle, and be sure that you shuffle only the first half to ensure that the first pile doesn’t mix with the second pile.
  • Display a few cards on the bottom and have one spectator mentally pick a card. This means that the chosen card (whatever it is) has the number “7” on its back.

The revelation

At this point, tell the spectator that you will read their mind. Here’s what to do:

  • Ask the spectator if it’s number “7”—or your force number. But they might say no.
  • When they say “no,” turn around ten cards over from the top pile and show the numbers of each card.
  • Now, ask the spectator to name their card and bring out the spectator’s selected card.
  • Turn over the chosen card’s back and then reveal the “7” written on the back.

In short, the trick is to have a spectator mentally pick a card, and you want to guess the number on its back. By following the steps above, you’ll be able to pull this off seamlessly!


So, there you have it! It looks like this card trick is straightforward and relatively easy, right? All it takes is to follow the steps outlined above, keep on practicing, and soon try doing them with your family or friends. Ultimately, this card trick is a great way to kill boredom and have some fun!

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