What to Do Online When You're Bored - 5 Fun Suggestions

What to Do Online When You're Bored

The internet is full of all types of entertainment, and if you still feel bored despite this, maybe you are not searching hard enough. There are many things to learn or keep you entertained on the internet. You can watch videos, play games, or educate yourself. How you want to entertain yourself on the internet depends on you, but if you need suggestions on what to do to pass some time, here are some things you can explore:

1. Join Chat Rooms

What is better than overcoming your boredom by talking to other bored people? There are many chat rooms growing popular nowadays, so you might as well try engaging in one. Chat rooms used to have a bad reputation because of a lack of monitoring for some sites. Luckily, today’s internet security advancements have provided much safer spaces for people who simply want to talk to someone.

The internet is made for people to start making connections, so befriend anyone you want in the world. You can connect with people who share the same passion as you or hold gatherings or events for those who share the same hobbies or interests. There are also chat room sites that help people with mental health concerns such as Paltalk or Second Life. 

Some of these sites are free to use, so instead of staying lonely after work hours, you can just log on and talk with your new-found friends.

2. Create a Blog

Following bloggers and social media influencers online is still a popular hobby of many, so why not turn your boring idle time into something productive by creating a blog? Be like these influencers you follow by making your content. You can publish articles or artwork, depending on what interests you at the moment. You can share what you are feeling and connect with an audience who feels the same.  

If you get a big following, you can also turn this hobby into a money-making machine.

3. Take Online Quizzes

Countless cute and fun quizzes exist online today. Whether you want to know which Disney character you are or find out who you are most like from your favorite TV show, thousands of personality type tests will help you discover the answer. No matter how ridiculous some of the existing quizzes are, their results are pretty convincing and amusing. You can take these quizzes alone or share and compare them with friends or a significant other. 

You can even create your quiz if you are particularly bored. Simply search for websites that will allow you to make and publish yours for your friends and other people to take. 

4. Play Online Games

You can play all sorts of games on the internet. A simple search will help you find random online games to play when bored. From racing games and cooking games to puzzles and simulations, these games can be highly addictive and entertaining. An online game is a great pastime activity that will keep you engaged and occupied. You can play on your own, with a friend, or challenge anyone you encounter for more excitement. 

5. Make Music

Another pastime activity that everyone enjoys is listening to music. You may find yourself playing and singing along tracks on your playlist for hours. Make this hobby more enjoyable by making your own music. Websites, such as Soundtrap and Audiotool, allow you to become a DJ for a night. You can play with different sounds and even record them to make your beat.

This type of hobby can keep you busy for days. If you find yourself making good music, you can even turn it into a business soon. 


With the birth of the internet comes many opportunities that will make you forget your dull moments. There are so many fun activities you can do online if you have the time. Start listing down what you want to do or follow these suggestions. They will help you forget where your time went. 

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