From the Wholesome to the Absurd: 5 Peculiar Food Websites

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Foodies can immerse themselves in the limitless food delights in the world by going through diverse online platforms and communities. Besides watching reruns of Masterchef and The Great British Bake Off, the internet houses a broader range of culinary content, from the appetizing to the downright disgusting. If you’ve got time to spare, you can take a deep dive into what zany food-related things you can find online.

Discovering different kinds of food content online

Just as there’s a broad palette of food options in the world, the internet is also home to a wide range of content creators. Food-related content doesn’t always have to be recipe instructions or contact numbers of restaurants. Some of the content creators on this list can surprise you with what they offer. Whether that’s a good thing or not will depend on your experience with the internet’s wholesomeness leading to weirdness.

If you want to satisfy your food content cravings, check out these five websites:

1. How To Cake It

YouTube is still the best way to post content for a wide variety of audiences. Cooking channels are fairly popular, with several content creators filling the platform’s feed of videos on tasty treats. How To Cake It is run by Yolanda Gampp, who makes stunning confections that look like everyday objects. Some of her most popular videos include cakes that look like a watermelon, burger and fries, a nail polish bottle, and sushi. Even people who aren’t familiar with baking will enjoy the process of going step-by-step into what it takes to create a complex cake and ending up with a mouthwatering delight.

2. Cooking With Dog

One of the more infamous cooking channels on YouTube is hosted by a mysterious lady and her friendly toy poodle, Frances, as her companion. The show format has the lady preparing a dish while Francis is voiced-over by a man to explain the process. As one of the OG YouTube content creators dating back to 2007, Cooking With Dog has a consistent following even though it only produces a few videos a year. One sad and touching fact is that Francis passed away in 2017. Thankfully, every episode commemorates his memory by having a stuffed toy in his likeness maintain his spot on the show.

3. Fuck, That’s Delicious

Viceland’s Fuck, That’s Delicious can expose you to the wonderful and diverse culinary scene worldwide. Hosted by Action Bronson, the show depicts him trying out local cuisine native to different countries. Although you’ll need to have a subscription to Vice to watch the new episodes, the older ones are watchable on their site for free.

4. The Geeky Chef

Not all recipes can be found in the real world, especially for the otherworldly food items in fantasy TV shows and movies. The Geeky Chef is a blog by Cassandra Reeder who recreates famous food items from pop culture, ranging from TV shows to video games. This includes Adventure Time’s bacon cupcakes and the delectable Turkish Delight in The Chronicles of Narnia.

5. HowToBasic

This food content list wouldn’t be complete without including one of the original pioneers of YouTube’s edgy and hilarious shock-humor phase. Don’t let HowToBasic’s video titles fool you. What seems like an innocent instructional video will gradually turn into the mysterious man’s desecration of the cooking process, with a whole lot of broken eggs to it. Although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it can be a quick watch for something bizarre and surprising to shake up a monotonous day.


You can never run out of content on the internet, whether you have an updated subscription to streaming platforms or not. There’s always something interesting out there for you to discover, no matter what your interests are. If you’re interested in food-related content, these five examples are just a few exciting rabbit holes you can dive into!

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