5 Trivia Games And Drinking Games To Play Remotely


As the anniversary of the lockdowns draws near, people may find that they are more bored than ever. Nobody will ever get used to social distancing, and everyone is still wishing the world will go back to normal, the way it was pre-pandemic. However, there is good news! While waiting for the quarantine restrictions to ease up, instead of wishing you can go out and spend a trivia night at a bar with your friends, you can replicate the experience at home!

You don’t have to be physically gathered in one location to have fun with your close friends and family. There are ways to enjoy yourselves and play fun games, even if you have to do so remotely.

Top 5 Trivia Games And Drinking Games To Play Remotely

If you miss your friends and are looking for a creative way to bond with your friends via video chat, here are a few ideas to help you get started. 

1 – Movie Drinking Games

Drinking games are always fun! The rules are simple, you can use certain aspects of the movie that seem repetitive, mannerisms of the character or a certain line that people like to say, and drink whenever that event happens on screen. You can all tune in to the same movie (or your favorite series, if you are going to be on the call for longer!) and play your drinking game!

2 – DIY Trivia Night

You can also customize trivia and do your very own version of trivia night right there in your conference call. Whether you use trivia about certain books you have read, movies you’ve seen or even about each other, the sky’s the limit. You can create trivia questions about anything under the sun.

3 – Random Trivia Generator

If you are at a loss about which topics or trivia questions you want to have, you can always go online and access a random trivia generator. This online database will help you generate your own trivia questions about any topic. It will be a much broader scope, but it will be more fun and unpredictable!

4 – Taboo

Taboo is like charades, but it uses words. You can team up with your friends and try to beat each other in a fun game of online Taboo! Have fun trying to guess which word your friend is thinking about without them actually saying the word. There are online generators for Taboo that you can use for the overall ease of the experience. 

5 – Name That Tune

This game is always fun. You can play it online by accessing your phone’s music and playing a few seconds of a chosen song and have the other people in your group call try and guess which song you are playing!


Since COVID-19 is seemingly here to stay, at least indefinitely, finding ways to mingle and spend time with your friends is vital. After all, they say no man is an island. Keep in mind that social interaction can happen without breaching any of the quarantine or social distancing protocols that have been put in place for everyone’s safety.

Whether you are looking for a fun game to play with your friends, or if you are looking for something to do to pass the time, you can always find something to keep boredom at bay at Bored A Lot. 

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