What’s Your Personality Type Based on the Myers-Briggs Test—Part 2

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Have you ever wondered why you think and act the way you do? When you take a closer look at your personality and behavior, it helps you acquire a better perception of yourself and why you react, decide, and reflect on your actions differently compared to other people.

One way to get to know yourself better is by taking a Myers-Briggs test for free. It comprises a series of questions that you will have to take your time answering truthfully to reveal the kind of personality you have. Keep reading below to discover some of the possible personality types you may fall under to help you figure out what your personality means.


A person who is an ESFJ has a strong empathy for others, which usually helps them determine if the people around them require help. They can tell if someone isn’t okay—and they follow through by going out of their way to provide their assistance and care.

If an ESFJ is in a relationship, they can always tell when there is something wrong with their significant other, and they respond well by knowing exactly what to do to cheer their partner up. They also like to focus on maintaining peace within their environment, starting with being there for the people they love at all times!


ESTJs are well-known for developing last-minute plans that still work to solve problems effectively. They can always tell when something’s up and always have a solution for it, giving them the power to restore peace and order. 

ESTJs love a challenge and will stop at nothing to develop the most efficient way to get out of a rut.


If you’re an ISFJ, then you know for a fact that you can look at two sides of a coin. You use your heart and mind to handle situations and make decisions that you know are for the best. You give the greatest advice without even trying too hard because it’s in your nature to remain observant, compassionate, and practical altogether, thus allowing your wisdom to shine through.


According to the Myers-Briggs personality type test, as an ISTJ, you have the determination and willpower to finish every project you start and make sure to give your all to accomplish them. You place great attention to detail and have the discipline to focus on each task you face. You are meticulous about your choices and are always committed to everything you do. 


People who are the life of the party and know just what to do to turn anyone’s frown upside down are most probably an ESFP. They are full of positive energy and always seem to look at the bright side of every situation. They make sure to remain present, enjoy what’s happening right now, and avoid worrying about the past or future. They remain hopeful and happy almost all the time, proving their goodness without even trying.


An ESTP is someone who always seems to be alert, with one foot out of the door to allow them to get going and avoid being left behind. In fact, they are the first ones to make a move, especially when something unexpected happens. Even though they don’t know what’s yet to come, they can take on challenges and experiences that life throws at them with ease.


ISFPs know how to stand their ground and have moral intentions, so it’s difficult to change their mind about things. They are accustomed to defending what’s good and right and will always stay true to their values and beliefs. They are people you should treasure because once you find a friend in them, they will protect you so long as they know you’re a good person!


If you’re an ISTP, then you love solving problems. You use your wit and quick-thinking skills to deal with situations that seem to be challenging for most people. Whether you’ve faced a similar case or not, you will always find a way to understand what’s happening and provide a relevant answer to it.


The Myers-Briggs personality types don’t serve as rules on what you can or can’t do based on your personality. It’s only a guide for people to better understand how their brain works and how their emotions flow. Everyone has different personalities and behaviors. It’s up to you how you want to utilize your newfound knowledge on what kind of character you have and use it to your advantage to improve your strengths and understand your weaknesses. 

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