6 Must-Visit Websites That Can Help You Beat Boredom

Beat Boredom

In this fast-paced world, your brain is bombarded continuously with information as you are constantly exposed to technology and other distractions. However, there may be times when you lack interest in activities you used to like, so you long for something new and feel like you have nothing to do.

This is especially true during the lockdown. It may seem as if you have tried pursuing new hobbies, but you still feel like you are running out of things to do at home. When boredom strikes, here are some unique websites that you must visit during what seems like the longest hours of your day:

1. Cracked

Cracked is a website filled with humorous stories, images, and videos. It is also known for its columnists’ and contributing writers’ witty articles. According to their slogan, they are “America’s only humor site since 1958.” It is the right place for you if you prefer consuming written text to visual content. Some topics you can find here are movies, TV, the Internet, history, and IT.

2. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a website founded in 2002 that acts as a “discovery engine.” It recommends random Internet content, such as web pages, photos, and videos, to the user. It works by scanning your interests from social networks and adjusts search according to the data. This way, you can enjoy what you like without having to dig through several Google pages to find it. In addition, it uses trending by considering page popularity and presents you only fresh content.

3. BoredPanda

Explore the most creative and one-of-a-kind content, including those about trending social media topics. BoredPanda focuses on art, design, and photography. Here, you can find articles grouped in different categories, such as illustration, animals, DIY, architecture, style, and more. If you want to showcase your talent, you can use the Add Post field, which lets you contribute and become a part of the Panda family!

4. OMGFacts

Expand your knowledge about various topics related to history, science, and more by browsing OMGFacts. This website shows interesting facts supported by firm evidence. You can also contribute your own content to the website by sending well-researched articles.

5. AutocorrectFail

Smartphones have an autocorrect feature that offers convenience to users. However, it can turn regular conversations into total disasters in a matter of seconds. These humorous moments prompted the creation of AutocorrectFail, a collection of the funniest and most awkward situations that people have experienced because of autocorrecting. If you have ever had a hilarious or embarrassing autocorrect moment, you can take a screenshot of it and submit it to the website!

6. The Oatmeal

If you love comics, then The Oatmeal is a site you have to visit. It is a humorous website that features relatable issues through comics written and drawn by Matthew Inman. It also has quizzes, games, and blog posts that you can try and explore. 


Coping with being cooped up at home for months because of the pandemic is challenging. If you are looking for something exciting and refreshing you can do indoors, visit some of the websites listed above. This way, you can have better chances of beating boredom, getting inspired to stay creative, and learning something new!

If you’re searching for more random websites to visit, check out our list at Bored A Lot. We aim to become the world’s biggest resource for websites that can help overcome boredom. Here, you can also find some fun online games to try. Contact us to submit your own page or share another must-visit funny or random website!

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