5 Fast Facts to Get Rid of Your Boredom

ast Facts to Get Rid of Your Boredom

Getting stuck at home is painfully dull. There are things we want to do but can’t go out and do safely, and this gets us bored while locked inside. However, thanks to the internet, we have access to tons of information and even weird websites to keep us entertained throughout the suggested lockdown period. When looking for things to do when boredom strikes, nothing is better than loading up on fast facts to get your brain hyped up. 

There are plenty of fascinating facts about a variety of things that we all know and love. Ranging from historical facts to a bunch of biology information and other odds and ends, getting info on anything is possible with the internet. Here are some facts that will pique your interest when you are bored at home:

1. King Tutankhamun’s Outer Space Dagger

As a king of one of the most iconic civilisations to have ever graced the earth, there is no doubt that King Tut had plenty of unique toys and items. One of the strangest things found in his tomb back in 1925 was an unknown dagger that was exquisite in build and made from some unidentifiable material. 

Years passed by, and it was discovered that the material was made of some sort of meteoric metal with traces of cobalt, nickel, and iron in the mix. Thanks to X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, the dagger’s true composition was identified. Its material is believed to be sourced from an extraterrestrial origin; in other words, it’s literally a weapon made from alien stuff. With the true nature of the pyramids unconfirmed, there are plenty of speculations that the ancient Egyptians had the first contact with mysterious alien life forms. 

2. The Art of Bambi Originates from Chinese Sources

Bambi is a family favourite for many reasons and has made many shed a tear throughout the years. Tyrus Wong was the lead artist of the film, and his Chinese ancestry inspired him to draw elements from landscape paintings from the Song dynasty era. The beautiful nature of the paintings is heavily seen in the way the film flows out, and Wong’s work for Bambi put him in the spotlight after enduring poverty and discrimination for years. 

3. There is an Immortal Marine Creature

A certain species of jellyfish have survived for as long as time can tell. While these creatures are known for their wild stings and their lack of a brain, the Turritopsis dohrnii stands out as the “immortal jellyfish.” Their ability to revert back to the adolescent state time and time again allows them to remarkably achieve what looks like immortality. Further studying these species might even be the human race’s key to immortality, so who knows?

4. Early Adulthood has the Sharpest Memory Periods

Psychologists have deemed the period right before adulthood as the “reminiscence bump” due to many memories from this time being the strongest. These are often the ones carried by people throughout their lifetime and are very rarely forgotten. People in their early twenties remember much more than in any other period of their lives, and these experiences shape their future. 

5. Puppies Gave a Peak Cuteness Level

Puppies are already adorable as they are. However, a study in 2018 by the Arizona State University has shown that puppies are at their cutest between the ages of six to eight weeks, depending on the breed. Why puppies have a peak cuteness is unclear still, but human psychology likely plays a large part why we find them cute. It could also be relatable to how people have periods in their lives where they look their best, but the science behind this is quite unclear. 


Fun facts are the best when they take you by surprise. You likely didn’t know that there is an immortal jellyfish, or that the cringe things we do in our early twenties last forever. Thankfully, the internet is here to save us from boredom. While there might not be an app to spend Bill Gates’ money, we can surely benefit from the technology he has given us. 

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