5 Beginner-Friendly Baking Recipes to Try When You're Bored

Beginner-Friendly Baking Recipes to Try When You're Bored

Are you looking for more things to do when you’re bored? Of course, you are! That’s why you’re here. Bored people often surf the internet or eat to pass the time. Instead of spending your time eating, why not consider learning how to make the food yourself? If you think that the kitchen is not the place for you, and cooking is not something you are familiar with, try baking.  

You can make a lot of easy pastries and cakes when you’re bored. All you need to do is to follow a recipe. You will enjoy baking if you are fond of eating sweets and delicious desserts. 

  • Giant Skillet Brownie

If you want a quick and easy brownie recipe, try this one by A Beautiful Mess. This recipe is a perfect dessert for chocolate lovers who can’t stop munching on brownies. It does not require many ingredients, and no extensive baking skills are needed. As long as you can stir, you can make this brownie recipe. 

You will need a skillet for this one, so expect to end up with one big brownie that you can break down into little pieces or eat all by yourself. 

  • Vegan Banana Nut Scones

Baking is not exclusive to non-vegans. If you do not eat eggs and dairy, you can try this recipe from Cookie and Kate. The addition of bananas is what makes it tasty and unique. Instead of using butter, you can use solid coconut oil. If you want to avoid using processed sugar, you can top it off with pecan butter, nut butter, maple syrup, or honey. 

  • Baked Savory Cream Cheese and Herb Doughnuts

If you are not too fond of sweets, Averie Cooks has a recipe for you. Think of donuts, but the savory kind. Instead of something sweet, this recipe will teach you how to make a doughnut that tastes more like a bagel or bread, and it just so happens to be quick and healthy. 

If you think this recipe will require you to proof your dough, knead, and the like, don’t worry because you won’t. You can mix everything in a bowl with a spoon and get your bread-ish doughnut in just about 15 minutes. 

  • Swedish Chocolate Cake

Baking will not be complete without a chocolate cake recipe. This recipe from A Cozy Kitchen is so easy that anyone can make it. It is the perfect recipe for those with a sudden craving for something sweet. The best part is that this cake is gooey and rich.

  • Baked Fruit

If you want to make mini pies, try this recipe by A Beautiful Mess. It will show you that you can actually bake fruits to create a healthy and tasty dessert with less sweetness. You will find different recipes you can follow to experiment with peach, grapefruit, and apple. They are all easy to make and can be impressive desserts to offer at your next dinner party. 


Instead of going out of the house to buy a snack or requesting a meal delivery, try baking any of the recipes we shared. They’re great for going on a movie marathon or binge-watching your favorite series. You get to learn another skill, make something out of nothing, and eat your favorite snack. The next time you Google, “I’m bored,” just revisit our website. Bored A Lot is dedicated to bringing you the best things you can do to make your boring times more fun. Bookmark this site now.

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