4 Health Benefits of Boredom You Probably Didn't Know About

health benefits of boredom

Technology offers convenience as it helps you accomplish your everyday tasks faster and easier. However, this innovation can add unnecessary distractions to your life. For instance, your smartphone can urge you to multitask at all times and hold you back from living in the moment. But it can lead to overstimulation in the brain, affecting your capacity to focus and handle stress. That’s why taking your time to unplug from technology and daily obligations should be some of your top priorities. 

Idleness can help you boost your overall well-being. While doing nothing may make you feel bored and even anxious, here are some health benefits of boredom that you probably didn’t know about:

1. Allows you to recharge physically and mentally 

If you find yourself checking your work email in bed or scrolling through social media for countless hours, then it may be the best time to unplug from technology. Being constantly connected to the Internet can make you lonely, depressed, exhausted, and sleep-deprived, especially in the long run. 

For an effective technology detox, put down your phone and hide all your gadgets in a safety deposit box. Take some time to reconnect with yourself, take in your surroundings, and enjoy other fun activities that don’t need the Internet and electronic devices! 

2. Prevents technology-based addictions (e.g., being overly attached to your smartphone)

Smartphone addiction is real, and you may not even notice if you have it. Common signs include feeling anxious every time you can’t check your device, getting easily distracted as you mentally disassociate from reality, and sensing or hearing imaginary phone vibrations or sounds.

At times, your phone may help you stay entertained, connected with your friends and family, and informed about the latest news, but it can cause constant mindless stimulation, which is unhealthy. It can lead to anxiety, depression, poor academic or work performance, and sleep deprivation.

One way to beat smartphone addiction is to resist the urge to check your phone all the time. If you have extra five minutes or even a full hour to kill, hide your mobile device and other electronic gadgets. This way, you can welcome idleness with open arms as you take your time to daydream, nap, and do other leisurely activities.

3. Helps you discover new hobbies and interests

Doing mindless activities involving technology may be fun, but they are often not worth your time and energy. Instead of scrolling through Instagram or watching random videos on YouTube, use your extra energy to do more meaningful activities, like discovering new hobbies or pursuing unique interests. You can learn a language, study how to make your own clothes, or just do something together with your friends and family!

4. Stimulates creativity

Contrary to popular belief, boredom isn’t always a waste of time. It serves as a much-needed rest for your brain that is constantly bombarded with information. Give your mind a break from technology and allow yourself to take in new things and have new thoughts. This way, you can stimulate your creativity and imagination and feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


In this digital age, it is easy to get consumed and distracted by overwhelming information brought by technology. Instead of constantly keeping yourself occupied, allow yourself to slow down, take your time to do nothing, and embrace boredom. This way, you can reap the health benefits mentioned above and become more creative, happier, and healthier.

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